Wednesday, April 30, 2014

This Day in Tech History: April 30th

The World Wide Web is Born!World_wide_web

April 30, 1993, www (The World Wide Web) enters the public domain.

CERN, the international particle physics lab developed The World Wide Web.

On this day, WWW technology source code was freely available for anyone to use and without a licensing fee.

They announced the “www” into the public domain.

The first Web browser could run only on one type of computer.  By the end of 1993, Web users around the world set up more than 500 servers to help host it.
The first search engines started to appear in the mid 1990′s.  It didn’t take long for Google to come on the scene and establish a permanent position in the market.
Also this day in Tech History:
  • Microsoft shipped 10 million copies of Windows 3.0.
  • 2006 version 4.10 of the Linux Ubuntu “Warty Warthog” was released.
Discover the World Wide Web in the beginning.

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And that’s the way it was: April 30, 1993 – Columbia Journalism Review

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