Thursday, April 24, 2014

A Day in Tech History: April 24, 1984

On this day, April 24, 1984, thirty years ago Apple introduced the Apple IIc.


The portable computer, weighing at 7 1/2 lbs and featured a 1.023MHz CPU with 128 KB RAM.

It had the same capacity as the standard Apple IIe model.  A 63-key keyboard and 51/4 inch floppy drive.

It was the fourth machine in the Apple  line computers.

The machine cost users $1,295.  That’s a commodity only the fortunate could afford back then.

The Apple IIc had a built-in floppy and peripheral expansion ports.  A closed system with no expansion slots to plug in cards.

They called the Apple IIc, “an appliance computer”, which meant was ready to go when you pulled it out of the box.

Other Evens on this Day in Technology History:
  • IBM introduces first PC (but wouldn’t be released until Aug 12th)
  • Amiga 3000 was announced
  • Cnet/Yahoo deal solidified
  • Google Drive was released

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Day in Tech History

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