Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Microsoft drops Windows XP, protect yourself now!

Microsoft has ended support for Windows XP, if you are still running XP on your system, know that you are exposed and outdated.
The 12 year old operating system will no longer provide security updates that patch holes in the software.
Hackers attempt to find the bugs in XP and exploit them freely.

You have been warned!

Running Windows XP isn’t solely dangerous to your own computer but it threatens all devices that still running and attached to it.

It’s estimated that 95% of bank ATM’s run on XP.  GE (GE,Fortune 500) Intelligent Platforms discovered 75% of its utility customers are still using it.

Cybersecurity provider Cylance said one of its major hospital clients run XP and has more than 100,000 devices.  This includes computers that hold patient records.

Upgrade Now

You always want to make sure the software running on your computer has support and is receiving updates.
Running Windows 7 and Windows 8 are six times safer for your computer than Windows XP.


If you have Windows XP installed on your computer, it won’t stop working.  XP will potentially leave the door open to your computer being infected and your personal information stolen, but it will still work.

Don’t be naive and think it won’t happen to you.

If you have an issue with your computer and XP is running on it, best of luck finding someone to help fix your issue.  Companies will not touch your system until your software is upgraded.

By remotely accessing your computer that is running on XP, you are hazardous to anyone or anything that touches it.

The core OS will be vulnerable without Microsoft’s backing, hackers and malware writers are having a field day exploiting your compromised PC.

Look at the video below from C|Net and take action today!  Call us at 619-325-0990 or visit

Click here to view a video from C|Net about the ending of Windows XP.

Most large and midsized companies throughout the world are aware that Windows XP is ending support but still have not upgraded.

Hyphenet can help you upgrade your software, chances are if you are still running the old software, you may need to upgrade your PC as well.

Newer PC’s already come with Windows 7.  Knock out two birds with one stone and secure your personal accounts now!

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