Tuesday, April 15, 2014

IBM extends disaster recovery for SoftLayer users

IBM Corp. announced on Monday that SoftLayer clients will have a set of cloud-capabilities and services that would secure company assets and maintain continuous business operations.

IBM has helped more than 20,000 clients worldwide to transform their business.


Now they are taking those skills and support to the fast growing SoftLayer customer-base, providing all services needed to ‘guarantee’ ongoing operations.

They will also prevent outages, offer quick recovery from disaster, and provide analytics and threat protection of IBM security services.

Market opportunity for business continuity/disaster recovery is anticipated to grow to $32 billion by 2015.  As a leader for more than 50 years, IBM has met their commitments to clients during hurricane disasters and other catastrophes.

SoftLayer customers will have access to IBM’s Cloud Virtualized Server Recovery (VSR) managed service.  This offers low-cost automation that helps enterprises recover critical applications, servers, and cloud-based data.

IBM’s Resiliency Consulting Services will be extended to their SoftLayer clients.  The services integrate IT environments with a private cloud-based data in the event of a disaster.  This helps with resiliency assessment, planning and design, and implementation and testing.

The VSR, SoftLayer business will be able to duplicate entire system files, databases and applications.


Included are; cloud managed backup, cloud data virtualization, cloud application resiliency and cloud virtualized server recovery.

According to IBM’s 2013 Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) study, 70 percent of CISOs are concerned with cloud and mobile security.

With refined targeted attacks on the rise, less than 2 percent of breaches are detected in the first 24 hours and less than 46 percent within 30 days.

These services offer threat management for firewall and intrusion detection, and also prevention management and monitoring services for SoftLayer customers.

Customers can benefit from IBM’s security operations and intelligence operations with intelligence analysts who help identify threats.

Tracking incidents and data collection pinpoint potential vulnerabilities that end safeguard business operations.

Cloud service capabilities that integrate with on premise security equipment, which in the end enable customers to quickly obtain an integrated view of their overall Enterprise IT security.

At the end of the year, IBM will offer increased security services for SoftLayer customers including heightened distributed denial of service (DDoS) protection, Web and email protection and managed endpoint protection.

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IBM extends disaster recovery, security services to SoftLayer users – CTR Computer Technology Review

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