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Buy of the Week: Dell Multifunction Color Printer C1765nfw for only $299 plus shipping!

 Empower your business to do more with the affordable and versatile Dell C1765nfw color printer from Dell. The Dell C1765nfw color printer offers print, scan, copy and fax functions in a single device.

With fast printing speeds of up to 15 ppm in black and 12 ppm in color, this printer ensures excellent performance every time you print. The Dell C1765nfw color printer features versatile and easy network connectivity with embedded Ethernet and WiFi. Impress with crisp text and brilliant color prints with up to 600 x 600 dpi (up to 1200 dpi image quality). Handle high-volume printing jobs with a large duty cycle of up to 30,000 pages a month.

Get excellent print quality and reliable printing with Dell Clear View LED technology. Easy to use and operate with four-row LCD display and 34 button operator’s panel. Optimize energy efficiency with the ENERGY STAR qualified Dell C1765nfw color printer featuring innovative LED printing technology. With Nuance PaperPort 14 software preloaded the Dell C1765nfw color printer can quickly scan, organize, view, edit and share documents and photos from your PC. Achieve professional quality color prints with this Multifunction Color Printer.
Special Features:
  • Dell Multifunction Color Printer C1765nfw
  • Multifunction printer – color – LED
  • Legal (8.5 in x 14 in) (original)
  • Legal (216 x 356 mm) (media)
  • up to 15 ppm (copying)
  • up to 15 ppm (printing)
  • 160 sheets – 33.6 Kbps
  • USB 2.0, LAN, USB host, Wi-Fi
Dell Multifunction

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Buy of the Week offer valid through October 4, 2013.

Note: Shipping and taxes apply.
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Amazon Scams to Lookout For

Online marketplaces like Amazon, Ebay, and Craigslist are known for housing internet thieves.  These popular sites see millions of users everyday, giving scammers a lot of potential targets .  Be wary of items sold from third party sellers.  When purchasing anything from a third party vendor, it is likely a scam.  Here is a list of what type of scams are popping up in these online marketplaces.
  • The Bait-and-Switch Tactic
Scammers will list products for a decent price on Amazon.  When the buyers goes to purchase an item, the buyer will receive an e-mail directing them to cancel the order and make the purchase from a third party site for a better deal.  People do fall for this scam and end up purchasing nothing.  If you are on and receive an e-mail to purchase an item from someone else, it is a scam.
  • Identity Theft
Personal Information is given when making purchases including, name, address, e-mail addresses.  This information alone is enough to steal your identity.  Scammers may try and open a credit card account with this information. In most cases, this will not work, but it can happen.  Do not send money by cash, wire transfer, Western Union, PayPal, or MoneyGram to a seller who claims that Amazon agrees to guarantee the transaction.
  • The Empty Box Trick
Sometimes after a buyer makes a purchase, they receive an empty box filled with something like rocks to give it weight.  The buyer signs for the box and when the unfortunate moment when they realize they have been bamboozled.  The buyer will put a dispute with Amazon to get their money back and the company will judge the evidence between both parties, including the signature with the weight that should be similar to the purchased item.  Buyers have lost this dispute in the past.  When receiving a box, always check the return address, if it is an e-mail like, “” or “” it is fraudulent.
  • Build Trust Then Take it Away
Amazon relationships are build between two parites after a buyer might regularly go through a certain seller. This trust is sometimes built with the intent to be broken. The seller knows when your guard is down and will then try and put a scam on you. A lot of money can be lost this way, always be cautious when making any purchases online.
  • Deceived Purchases
On occasion, faulty items are sent on purpose. Or the seller may prolong the returns process until it is no longer valid. Sellers may also send broken items or items with missing pieces, getting money for their junk.
It is very easy for a seller to disappear after making money off scams from Amazon.  Never provide information such as your social security number, date of birth, or credit card number or pin.  Be wry of attachments in suspicious e-mails, especially if they have grammatical errors or are from an unknown source.
Genuine Amazon Payments websites are always hosted on one of the following domains:
Have you experienced an Amazon scam?  Please share your incident with us, it’s important to keep our community informed!
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5 Amazon Scams to Be on the Lookout For – Yahoo
September 26, 2013
Internet Scams and Phishing – Amazon Payments

Friday, September 27, 2013

Google Turns 15!

Google has turned 15 today! The mega search engine is by far the most popular throughout the world.  Taking over 80% of all the searches today.
Google crawls and indexes many web pages, increasing the liklihood of returning what you are searching for.  Google is pretty good at populating your search field with what you are already looking for.
If you go to Google’s home page, there is a little celebration piñata Doodle to play.  Simple, fun, and doesn’t stray you too far away from what you were originally doing.

Google’s Accomplishments

Here is a great website showing the 15 years of Google and all its accomplishments.
The timeline goes all the way back to when Google’s name started out as “googol”.
In the past year; Google invested $1 billion for a clean energy farm in Texas,  introduced enhanced campaigns updating AdWords, unveiled Project Loon, teams up with Starbucks giving them fast and free WiFi, and releases Google Trekker to the world.
Google has a slew of accomplishments, and I’m sure many more to come.  So Happy Birthday Google, you have a lot to celebrate about!
Google Timeline

Thursday, September 26, 2013

USPS E-Mail Scams and California’s Most Wanted

On August 27, 2013 The United States Postal Service issued a warning about an e-mail scam targeting their customers.
These e-mails are claiming to be from U.S. Postal Service and have fraudulent information in them in an attempt to install malicious virus’ on the customer’s computer.
The U.S. Postal Service is advising to immediatly delete the message and take no further action.
They are aware of the situation and are doing their best to get down to the bottom of it.
If you have questions about a delivery or wish to report spam, the U.S. Postal Service asks that customers call 1-800-ASK-USPS or email

Poster 296, Notice of Reward, describes the types of rewards offered by the U.S. Postal Inspection Service.
Photos of Peter Medel Aro
Photo of Rondale Asopardo
Christine Marie Chambers
Anthony Fu Yin Chang
 Anthony Fu Yin Chang
Photo of Hen Ben Haim
Photo of Deyo John Hardwick
Photo of Leonard uchenna Nwafor
Abraham Santos Sayas
George Louis Scavelli
Photo of Chao Qun Yu
Sketch of Suspect
Photo of Robert Louis Carver
Photo of Robert Louis Carver, II
Photo of John Olusegun Dada
Yacine El Bouri
Photo of Linda Marie Hieb
Silhouette of a Suspect
Sketch of Robbery Suspect at Earlimart, CA
Silhouette of a Suspect
Silhouette of a Suspect
Sketch of Suspect
Sketch of Suspect #1
Sketch of Suspect #2
 Photo of Suspect
 Photo o Juan Carlos Cardoso-Vargas
Photo of Brisa Celeste Castillo
Mark Randall Jones
Khoren Margaryan
Giyosiddin Nizomov
Photo of Viatcheslav Prokopenko
Photo of Harold Rangel
Sketch of a Suspect
Surveillance Photo of Suspect
Sketch of Suspect
Photo of Desiderio Pangilinan Santos
Bunyod Sharipov
Photo of Jameel Stone
Henry Eldon Stricker
Karen Lynn Stricker
Photo of John Wesley Warr
Walter Carl Wencke
Virginia Lo Yao
Sketch of robbery suspect at Richmond, VA
Silhouette of a Suspect
Surveillance Photo
Silhouette of a Suspect
Surveillance photo of Suspect
Sketch of Suspect
Sketch of Suspect
Photo of Suspect

Have you been a victim of a USPS scam?  Please let us know your experience.   The more knowledge about these scams we have, the better chance of not being victimized by these criminals.

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U.S. Postal Inspection Service – USPS
U.S. Postal Service customers targeted by e-mail scam – ABC Local News
August 27, 2013