Wednesday, September 11, 2013

September 11 Cyber Attack!


International computer hacking groups called on Muslim hackers to attack the United States and Israeli websites today on the remembrance of 9/11.

The threat was posted last week in a YouTube video by the hacker groups, Anonymous, AnonGhost and Fallaga.  These groups are protesting Israeli policies on the Palestinians.

The video contained messages like this:

“Hi, Israel, do you remember us?” says the computer-modified voice in the video. “We are the same people who f—–d you on April 7. And now we are back to punish you again.” “America, Israel. We will show you.” At its end, the video issues a call to “Free Palestine.”

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April 7

In April, on the eve of Holocaust Memorial Day, Anonymous tried to “erase Israel from the Internet”.  The so-called Oplsrael attack, several Israeli government websites were affected, the Israeli business websites were brought down and Israeli Facebook pages were hacked.


The Attacks

Hacktivists have taken credit for several attacks on Twitter in the past week.  These attacks included 500 Canadian email addresses, accessing Israel police station data, hacking 5,000 Israeli bank accounts and collecting thousands of Israeli credit cards.

The biggest hit was on Moday, when AnonGhost claimed to have leaked personal information on more than 165,000 Israelis by attacking websites.  One website that was breached, offered web-hosting services, provided names, phone numbers, email addresses and passwords.

The new attack, codenamed OplsraelReborn is an effort to organize Muslim hackers.

“Mauritania Attacker,” alleged AnonGhost team leader, told the reason Israel has been targeted is because of attacks against Palestinian innocents and the children., Yamit 2000, and Avishay Braverman are all websites that have been breached.  AnonGhost will be tested today, the day the collective seems poised to carry out a massive cyber attack and release even more information.  AnonGhost has shown proof of intention with several hidden images in websites’ codes with the date Sept. 11 and the Twitter hash tag #OplsraelReborn.

The FBI has issued a notice stating they are aware of the “Anonymous-affiliated group” may launch a wave of cyber attacks against foreign financial institutions based in the United States.  The FBI considers this to be a minimal threat, but still encourages institutions to secure cyber infrastructure.

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