Thursday, September 19, 2013

What you should know before you upgrade to iOS 7

Major changed in the interface. Geared towards children…

Apple’s iOS 7 is out and the temptation to snag the software update immediately is hard to resist.  But you may want to do some research before you make the switch, because there’s no going back.
The complete redesign of the interface at first looks cool and high-tech.  The interface icons appear to float over the background, giving the control center a 3-D effect.  Zooming animations fly in and out when navigation through quick-access tools.  Browser windows open in Safari are now vertically scrolling rectangular cards and not limited to just 8.
But are these really better features for iPhones and iPads?  Does this make the iOS 7 more efficient for users or does it just make it more interesting?
I know for those who suffer with Vertigo, don’t do it!  Do not make the switch!


The icons that fly into the screen when unlocked,  makes the interface seem more like a video game…kind of pointless. This can cause delays and glitches within the system. Not to mention become distracting and uses more battery life. Why would we want navigating through the interface to use up more battery life than we already do with our obsessive usage of devices anyway?
To navigate through the interface a few extra clicks on the home button are necessary to exit out of quick-access tools. Extra clicks, means extra time, and extra thinking.

Gradients have been removed and icons are enlarged and changed in the iOS 7.

The Wallpapaer
The background image is now enlarged, being cut off of the screen. There is no way to rescale the image to fit into the interface and experimenting with different backgrounds may take a lot of time. The font is also thinner and  white, so this makes it harder to read on certain backgrounds.


There are no keyboard improvements. Autocorrect works the same as it did before, requiring you to “x” out the suggested text or else it will automatically replace your word. You still need to toggle through the keyboards to insert numbers, even though there is more real-estate on the iPhone 5, 5c, and 5S.

If your device is jailbroken, apps like Activator, Browser Chooser, Winterboard and others are not optimized for the iOS 7 yet.
The iOS 7 is definitely a change from the past six years for Apple, but are these real improvements or is it more appealing to the eye? The colors are incredibly vibrant and saturated, this reminds me of Candy Crush. Did Apple really think the rainbow colored interface would appeal to everyone?
These are some characteristics of the new iOS 7 which can be a little annoying, but is it enough to make a user not want to switch over to the new Operating System?  Lets review the more favorable features of the iOS 7.


The Design
The iOS 7 design has put the spotlight search on all screens instead of only the home screen.  Folders hold multiple screens of items not limited to 9 or 12 anymore.  There is an emphasis on thin lines and transparency for a more sleek design.  Font sizes can now be changed to a larger font for all screens through the Settings .

The Notification pull-down menu, shows you all alerts at once and gives you tabs showing all notifications. This includes calls and messages you have missed. Although, once the notification is up, it takes up the whole screen instead of a pop-up. You can now access the notification center from the lock screen.

The window browser is more flexible, instead of swiping left and right to view open windows, they now preview vertically. Scroll bars disappear until you need them, and bookmark tabs are now at the top of your screen.
The Reading List allows you to scroll from one story to the next by scrolling to the bottom of a story.

Control Center
You no longer have to go into the Settings app to access the control center. Swipe up to access the control center overlay. You can now access the free flashlight, camera, calculator, and alarm all in the new control center tab.

The camera app shows you how certain filters would look before you take a picture. It also lists all your shooting modes so you can switch from panoramic to continuous shots in an instant.
iOS 7 treats photos as a timeline unlike iOS 6 that organized your photos into albums. The timeline photos show up as a mosaic, so you can zoom into the photos to navigate more easier.

Apple iOS 7 has a completely new design and has added features like AirDrop and iTunes Radio. AirDrop is a file sharing functionality that works by creating local ad hoc networks among nearby users. It offers a seamless way to transfer photos, videos, and other data via email using its Bluetooth connection to find other devices.

iTunes Radio
Much like Pandora, Apple’s new iTunes Radio include features with radio stations you can build around your favorite artists.

Activation Lock
Activation Lock in iOS 7 will not allow your device to be opened if stolen. A custom message can be made alerting anyone who may find this device how to contact you. You can enable this feature from and enter your device into “Lost Mode”.

The new interface will require an adjustment, but Apple does it’s research, and overall I think the iOS 7 is a good makeover.  If you’re not ready to commit, that’s fine.  Make sure before you upgrade you have some time to familiarize yourself with the new system.
What are your thoughts on the iOS 7?  Have you found any tricks or glitches in the system so far?  Feel free to let us know!
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