Friday, September 27, 2013

Google Turns 15!

Google has turned 15 today! The mega search engine is by far the most popular throughout the world.  Taking over 80% of all the searches today.
Google crawls and indexes many web pages, increasing the liklihood of returning what you are searching for.  Google is pretty good at populating your search field with what you are already looking for.
If you go to Google’s home page, there is a little celebration piñata Doodle to play.  Simple, fun, and doesn’t stray you too far away from what you were originally doing.

Google’s Accomplishments

Here is a great website showing the 15 years of Google and all its accomplishments.
The timeline goes all the way back to when Google’s name started out as “googol”.
In the past year; Google invested $1 billion for a clean energy farm in Texas,  introduced enhanced campaigns updating AdWords, unveiled Project Loon, teams up with Starbucks giving them fast and free WiFi, and releases Google Trekker to the world.
Google has a slew of accomplishments, and I’m sure many more to come.  So Happy Birthday Google, you have a lot to celebrate about!
Google Timeline

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