Friday, September 13, 2013

Area codes are being hit specifically from search queries or the amount of wealthy people in one area.

Cloudmark, a messaging security firm issued a list of the top 25 area codes that are being targeted by cellphone spammers.spam-text-messages
Cities like Fort Lauderdale, Los Angeles, Dallas, Miami, San Francisco, Seattle, San Antonio, New York City and Austin are at the top of the list.
SMS spam being sent to cell phones is a growing number. Even though, phone companies are getting better at detecting and blocking them, so the actual spam reaching phones are going down.
Bank accounts and other spam is also increasing. Cyber-criminals attempt to use fraudulent text messages to fool people into revealing sensitive financial information. Most people in the United States are safe because they get their apps only from Google Play.
All the spam messages we receive selling diet pills or Viagra are only a threat if you purchase something from the website.
Most of these area codes are being spammed because of the amount of wealthy people in a small area.
Others because there is an abundant amount of similar search engine queries so spammers can more easily target the market.
Generally people shouldn’t trust a phone number or URL sent to you in a text message. If the message looks like its from your bank, look up the phone number before you call it.
Bank phishing scammers are starting to copy the automated recordings directly from your bank to trick you into believing its legit.

How do spammers get your number

Spammers are acquiring your information from your SMS provider. There are large subsidiaries of companies with extensive databases in which are rented to marketers.
The messaging providers send messages via unauthorized routes to bypass the jurisdiction of Wireless Application Service Providers. The WASPA, is a mobile content and bulk simulator.
It’s hard to track down the origin of the SMS spammers, so they are hardly held accountable.
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September 13, 2013
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