Wednesday, April 23, 2014

CARBONITE: Why your small business should upgrade


Many small businesses use an Internet connection and that works just fine…in a perfect world.

Businesses are nothing without their data.  The risk of a vulnerability like “Heartbleed” makes it so easy for hackers to access information on your computer even though it is encrypted with the HTTPS protocol.

Carbonite’s survey shows that, from saving time and money to utilizing new technologies to streamlining operations, employing cloud solutions greatly benefits small businesses.

The cloud provides:

  • Stronger security – A dedicated Ethernet connection offers more security from connecting your business directly to your cloud resources.  Data transfers with SSL encryption and is stored with AES-256 encryption server-side.

  • Reliability – An Ethernet connection offers reliable service with better performance than the public Internet.  Your backup is configured automatically and your files are saved.

  • Reduced risk –   Ethernet gives you improved security that reduces the risk of potential liability.  The Carbonite Appliance removes duplicate copies opening up storage space and reduces your bandwidth.

  • Backup – Backing up to the cloud protects all your important files, protecting you from computer crashes or even theft.  You can customize  your backup, monitor, manage and delete storage as you see fit.

  • Virus protection – Computer viruses allow others to access your data and possibly take control of your computer.   Physical, technical, and administrative safeguards are placed to ensure the confidentiality and security of your data.

  • Recovery – In any disastrous situation you have access to recover your files and even have it shipped to your door.  You can recover your data to a new or existing hardware by using the adaptive restore feature.

If you are still not sure why you should switch to Carbonite, this Infographic might help you decide.


If you are ready for the cloud or if you need more information on how the cloud can help your small business, we can help.  619-325-0990

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