Friday, April 18, 2014

CARBONITE: Access your files anywhere, anytime


Carbonite, Inc.,  is a leading provider of cloud solutions.  It keeps businesses and home offices running smoothly with backup and recovery solutions.

Carbonite’s implementation of administrative, physical, and technical safeguards help ensure confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

So what exactly is Carbonite you ask?

Cloud computing is a data center that keeps your files safe while allowing them to be accessible from anywhere in real time.

Instead of backing up your photos and files on external hard drives, cloud backup sends your data to a secure, offsite storage facility.

Accessing your files

  • Anytime Anywhere Access allows you to download any file to any Internet-connected compute
  • Download files from your backup using Anywhere Access without removing them from your Carbonite backup
  • View your backed up data and restoring files/folders through the web interface
  • With private encryption key, Anytime Anywhere Access is disabled from the computer

Anytime Anywhere Access is intended to be used to perform small restores.  Restore all data by installing Carbonite on your computer through the Restore Manager.


Why Carbonite?

Computer files, invoices, records, and contacts are important to a business.  Loosing them could be detrimental to a businesses performance.

We often are mislead to believe that since your file is saved to your computer, it is safe.  Those files can still be lost or damaged at any time.

With Carbonite, you no longer have to worry about protecting your files, Carbonite does that for you.
You will get:  comprehensive suites, affordable services, and secure data protection, with recovery and anytime accessibility.

Carbonite’s support is at the top of list of competitors with database backup technology.  These Server Plans are sure to meet all your backup needs.


For more information on Carbonite and how it can help your small business call 619-325-0990.  Hyphenet knows it is mandatory for our IT group to not only make sure you have the right technology to suit your computer needs, but possess the knowledge required to support it.

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