Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Symantec warns antivirus is ‘doomed’

According to Symantec, antivirus products are “doomed to failure,” says Brian Dye, senior vice president for information security at Symantec.

From The Wall Street Journal on Sunday, end-point security technology isn’t a “moneymaker”,  antivirus companies need to adjust and adapt.

Antivirus products have been proven to prevent hackers from obtaining your private information from your computer.  Today, hackers are often able to bypass the antivirus’ and get into your computer’s source code.


Antivirus technology scans networks for malicious-looking computer code and spots hackers before there is any real damage.

It’s like an immune system on your computer.

Brian Dye, Symantec’s senior vice president for information security estimates the antivirus catches 45% of cyber-attacks.

Mr. Dye says Symantec’s Norton security suite has evolved beyond antivirus software and searches for suspicious activity that may have come from previous unseen viruses.

The software includes a password manager, spam blocker, and scans a user’s Facebook feed to guard against dangerous links.

Area of concern

China, Iran, and the former Soviet bloc., are the countries whom pose the most concerning threats.


Hackers that were linked to Iran last spring breached the digital perimeters of energy companies and one of the U.S.’s five biggest banks.  They were caught before moving further into the systems.

Last year before the Target Corp. was breached, FireEye security equipment alerted the retailer of the suspicious activity found.  When the company failed to follow up with the warning, they were hacked.

Former Target employees say the reason why the system failed is because they lacked the resources to pursue all posed threats.

The malware market is now declining and hackers are aiming their focus on cyber-attacks.  A few avenues are; denial-of-service assaults, spear-phishing, and network intrusion.

Symantec - Infographic for Advanced Persistent Threats 2012

Cyber-criminals previously used mass-emailing to catch millions of people off-guard in order to steal their information.

Now, Symantec has partnered with IBM, with a new cyber-security offering to protect networks and critical data from zero-day attacks, by identifying  irregular patterns in network traffic.

Although cyber-criminals are finding ways around antiviruses, the antivirus market is doing their part in working around hackers.

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