Thursday, June 27, 2013

XBox Update

Microsoft is bowing down to the fans.   They have removed the draconian restrictions on the Xbox One!  When the XBox One was first introduced, fans expressed great concern that  the system might demand unreasonable online requirements...they were right!  So now you don't have the internet check-ins every 24 hours and no fees for the used games.   If users didn't check in every Xbox One24 hours, Microsoft would block the entire games library.  Users would then be limited to only TV and Blu-ray ffunctionality.   Now the system only requires the internet set-up once during installation.   Even though, the system isn't as smart as we would like it to be.  When playing games online, you still have to make the connection, but offline, single-player games can be played for days, months, or however long you wish.

The XBox One will allow users to lend games freely among themselves, the same goes for the XBox 360.
"There will be no limitations to using and sharing games" - Don Mattrick, president of Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment Business

This "sharing" applies to disc-based games, even though, there is no convenient way to share downloadable titles.

One potential drawback is that the Xbox One disc-based games will require the disc in order to function, as does the Xbox 360.    Users used to be able to install entire games from discs.    Microsoft has not told us why this functionality was removed, but it may be to provide downloadable versions of titles with a feature to set them apart from physical copies.

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