Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Malware on the Rise

Microsoft is clearly the industry leader in terms of operating system and it still has a firm hold over that position. In recent times, the company has had a quiet time in terms of security risks, especiallyBackdoor Malware after the introduction of  Windows 8. However, a new type of malware is being distributed for the Windows OS through German spam that affects the boot record of the infected computer. Also, this malware can also give the hacker control of the infected computer.

Distributed Via Attachment

Trend Micro was the company that was responsible for the detection of this new type of malware. The researchers who analyzed this malware said that it was attached to the German spam mail, and is code named BKDR_MATSNU.MCB. The mail will claim that the recipient has to pay some money to the sender, and all the relevant details have been attached to the mail. Trend micro researchers claimed that this method is very effective in influencing the recipients to open the attachment.

Ransomware Reaction

Once the malware is downloaded and installed on the victim’s computer, the data is collected and sent to the hacker who planted the malware. Once that is done, the malware is capable of erasing the boot record on the drive, erasing data, and also locks the screen of the computer. The victim is then asked to pay a certain sum of money if the screen has to be unlocked, the classic ransomware approach.



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