Friday, June 28, 2013

Google Goes Wild

Google Trekker has revealed their street view expansion project is being taken to new heights.  Google is recruiting  third-party organizations such as non-profits, tourism boards, research organizations, government agency's, Google Trekkerand universities to literally "take a hike"!   These hikers will strap on the Street View Trekker back-pack equipped with a 15-lens camera system that takes photos every 2.5 seconds.  The lens sticks up over your head to get a 360-degree view of the world less traveled.  It works similarly like the Google Maps Street View car cameras.

So now you can be a part of history, by taking the world to the secluded islands of Indonesia, or through the thick jungles of Costa Rica.  Hikers will gain the ability to visualize their hike before they even start packing for it.

"With 360-degree interactive imagery of the islands, people all over the world can see and explore the beautiful islands before they go, including some remote and hard-to-reach places they may never have discovered on their own," Google Street View program manager Deanna Yick wrote in a blog post.

Trekker for All Around TravelTrekker Trail

This amplification of the Trekker program will likely inspire people to travel more often, in turn boosting our Travel and Tourism.  Google is very ambitious to, "build the very best map of the world."   The decision to partner with third-party organizations are going to move this project along at lightening speed.   In March, Google Maps released a way for on goers to  visit the peaks of Mount Everest, Kilimanjaro, Aconcagua, and Mount Elbrus.

If you're heading to someplace awesome and want to take the world along with you, sign up for the Trekker backpack and start planning your adventure.   So instead of taking the guided tour on your next vacation, you can be our tour guide.  Happy Travels!

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