Friday, June 21, 2013

Are Facebook and Microsoft Giving the Government your PersonalInformation?

Microsoft, Facebook Make No Mention of Government Requests

Earlier on, Microsoft and Facebook had requested their users to input personal data and said that it was as per the direction of authorities of the US government. When asked later what matter the information was for, the companies only said that they are still unable to disclose what matter the information was for. Some say that it was to help the search of a missing child. However, many people are upset by the way the companies sidelined the users and did not make any mention of the reason for taking personal data from the users.

Why People Are Upset

Some information may have actually been needed for certain operations regarding national security. But the people of America feel that having been active participants in the matter, they deserve some reconciliation. They feel they should know how their acceptance of allowing their personal details being given to the government has helped. It is understandable that this may have been for a very good cause, however, some are unhappy at the breach of privacy without good reason so far.

Facebook and Microsoft’s Comments on the Matter

The companies mentioned on their corporate blogs that they have been swamped by thousands of queries and comments sent in by users. They also mentioned that they are allowed to give out any data which the government deems to be a matter of national security. This may even include FISA Orders or Directives, according to John Frank, the current deputy counsel at Microsoft.

Facebook and Microsoft

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