Monday, June 24, 2013

Disposable Hardware

Coming To the Point Of Disposable Hardware

Today powerful hardware is available in the market for such cheap rates that researchers are considering developing hardware that is disposable. Due to the competition in the market producers today are coming out with more and more affordable gadgets. Today we can buy Android tablets for thirty dollars. Many people would assume that the specifications are terrible, but the truth is that it comes with a ten inch screen, fully Wi-Fi enabled, four GB worth of storage space, and a 512 RAM running the Android 4.1 software.
Disposable Hardware

What You Lose to Win

The truth is, today you lose almost nothing to get a bargain. Quite a few of us would doubt low cost hardware since we have this pre-conceived notion that the lower the cost for such gadgets, the lower the quality. Surprisingly however, you actually find that although the cost is dropping drastically, the hardware quality remains top-notch. An amazing feat, today you may purchase video recorders at eight dollars, cell phones at a meager eleven dollars (without a contract), and even a touch screen video player at less than thirty dollars a pop.

How Disposable Hardware Will Help

The fact is, although today you are able to get hardware at a reasonable price, people want more. This unfortunately means that whenever there is a new model out, the previous one is considered outdated, and is soon tossed. There are schemes where you get discounts for returning old hardware, however, something slightly more environment friendly could be incorporated.

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Disposable Hardware

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