Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sony PS4 Remote Play

Remote Play with the PS4 and PSP Vita

PSP Remote Play

At the reveal event for the new Sony PS4, it was mentioned a few times that the new update to Sony’s gaming console the PlayStation may be able to interact with its equivalent handheld device, the PSP Vita. The newest IP, Knack, was used by Mark Cerny, a famous video game industry figure, as a demo piece to show how the device need not be connected only to your television set. Remote Play is an option that has been available in many previous versions of the PlayStation, but had not been supported well. You may now experience a new generation of gaming where you have the option of gaming on your console while you are connected to the internet.

What’s Good and What’s Not

Live streaming theoretically allows you to use your handheld PSP while you are on the move, and yet be connected to your console at home. This is similar to the way Microsoft’s Nintendo Wii U’s new gamepad controller works. Sony is trying to bring forth this feature, as it is under-used today, and is trying to propagate the usage of this option in gaming consoles worldwide, not only restricted to their own appliances. If everything goes as expected, Remote Play could become a feasible option and may even go to become standard for any new releases related to gaming consoles or other hardware devices. The only place this option is not feasible, however, is the fact that some titles require the camera of the PS4 for the entire experience.

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