Thursday, October 17, 2013

Should This be a Time for Security Concern for the Smartwatch?

As we advance in electronics, the smartwatch is gaining popularity with techies.

Inspired by the success of smartphones and tablets, more compact computer chips, sensors, and touch screens bear the new generation of smartwatches.  Smartwatches  are meant to offer another means to check information.

A device used for viewing social media updates, check the weather, and connect to your calendar  all conveniently placed on your wrist.

The devices have huge potential but they don’t always equally compare to the smartphone.  The smartwatch is still vulnerable to hacks and other cyber attacks from untrusted apps.

Smartwatch wearers have concern with embedded apps that are vulnerable to code-based attacks.  As with any device connected to installed platforms, defense protection is required.  Also, banging around your mini computer on your wrist may cause glitches to the accessory.

Dozens of smartwatches are in development focusing on firmware and software updates.

Here are the top rating smartwatches in 2013:

The Pebble Smartwatch

The Pebble Smartwatch is the favorite of all smartwatches. The Pebble connects wirelessly to your iPhone or Android device. It also tracks your bike ride or jog and controls music.  Not to mention a week long battery life.

Martian Smartwatch

The Martian Smartwatch is the most elegant of the smartwatches available. The Martian Smartwatch has hands-free voice commands, message and alert display, and smartphone camera control. This smartwatch doesn’t look like a computer on your wrist like others.

i’m Watch Smartwatch

The i’m Watch is sleek, modern, and Italian.  The i’m Watch is lacking in firmware and software, although the next few updates should take care of this problem.  The price on this watch is a little steep considering the battery life is less than a day.

Sony Smartwatch 2 SW2

The newest addition from Sony, and a rehash of the original Sony Smartwatch1. If this watch were not limited to only Android phones, it would rank higher within the smartwatches.  This watch is a great price but lacks in battery life.

MetaWatch Strata

The Metawatch Strata smartwatch comes in different colors and designs while their technology is still developing. Features like calender and email notifications are coming soon.

Eco-Drive Proximity

The Citizen Eco-Drive Proximity is only compatible with iOS systems. The battery on this smartwatch gives you an impressive 1095 days of life! This is a handsome chronograph watch, with a 24-hour dial, second time zone, and Bluetooth 4.0 radio.

Cookoo Smartwatch

The Cookoo Smartwatch is simple and not cluttered with features. The Cookoo is designed to be an extension of the wear’s smartphone. Unlike other smartwatch’s, the Cookoo doesn’t need to be recharged.

Do you have a smartwatch?  What do you think about it? Give us your feedback below!


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