Friday, October 4, 2013

Hackers Steal Source Code from Adobe


Adobe has reveled that one of their servers has been hacked.  The hackers gained access to 2.9 million customer accounts and stole source code for at least two major products.

The hackers stole private consumer credit card information.  Adobe expresses that the data is encrypted and they believe the hackers have not broken into decrypted credit or debit card numbers.

They have not revealed how the data was encrypted, and are unclear how secure it is.

It looks like Adobe Acrobat and Adobe ColdFusion were the programs in which the source code was taken from.

This is the most devastating attack against Adobe, affecting PDF files and ColdFusion, which is used to created apps.

The Motive

Adobe believes the hackers stole source code to create ways to control computing devices and figure out secrets of the corporate networks.


Luckily Adobe has every customers’ information encrypted, unlike Sony, which lost unencrypted payment credit card data in 2011 of 77 million PlayStation Networks and 25 million Sony Online Entertainment subscribers.

Hackers have obtained over 40 gigabytes of Adobe source code.  Now Adobe security is on high-alert and increase in Acrobat-related attacks are predicted.

Adobe has become the main target for hackers in the past two years.  Research has been uncovering a string of zero-day security holes, as hackers analyze the code for possible zero-day exploits.

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