Friday, October 25, 2013

Is this the end of the Mac enterprise?

Mac sales haven’t just dropped in the past couple years, they have fallen dramatically faster than the PC market as a whole.

Macs are not the most popular computers in the enterprise office either.  Yes people love their MacBook Airs and MacBook Pros, but with the price tag so high, CIOs pass on purchasing them for the office. 
High-tech offices love Macs, thanks to the Adobe Creative Suite/Creative Cloud, but Apple lacks security updates for older versions of the Mac OS X.

Apple just announced that Mac OS X 10.9, Mavericks has fixed many security bugs for the older versions.

Apple stopped releasing their security flaws for older operating systems because with a rise in zero day attacks were prevailing itself.

The tall tale of the Mac having no security issues is exposed: ever hear of the Flashback Trojan, Icefog, or Backdoor:OSX/KitM.A?  These are all successful Mac malware programs.  If you are using a Mac, you should download Mavericks today!

Mavericks is a free software, it may take a couple hours to download the multi-Gigabyte to update and install but its worth it!

For those still using OS X Mountain Lion, you know there’s no more security updates, right?

Advanced Technologies

OS X Mavericks boosts performance and found a way to increase battery life efficiency.


Timer Coalescing – groups low-level operations together, allowing idle time for your CPU to enter a low-power state.  The CPU uses less energy reducing the activity up to 72%.

App Nap – the OS X can tell what apps you are actually working on putting a rest period on all apps that are behind other windows or hidden.

Safari Power Saver – turns animations off from advertisements or motion graphics strolling onto your screen.  This feature recognizes the difference between what you came to see and the stuff you didn’t.

iTunes HD Playback Efficiency – OS X Mavericks improves the energy efficiency of iTunes video playback.  The video playback takes advantage of your graphics hardware saving your CPU 35% of energy.

Compressed Memory - OS X Mavericks compresses data from inactive apps, making memory more available.  Compressing and decompressing happens instantaneously, Mavericks helps with responsive timing.


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