Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Ashton Kutcher is Lenovo’s new Product Engineer


Ashton Kutcher is well known for the prankster show Punk’d, and the Fox sitcom That 70′s Show. The American actor, producer, model, and ex-husband of Demi Moore, has a fleet of accomplishments.  His latest is the new product engineer for Lenovo.

Ashton Kutcher enrolled at the University of Iowa in August 1996, planning to be a biochemical engineer.
He later pursued to be a model and signed with Next modeling agency in 1998, where he appeared in ads for Calvin Klein.


Kutcher’s modeling success drove his life into a new direction.

Even though Kutcher is currently staring in the CBS comedy Two and a Half Men, his relationship with Apple and Google landed him the new gig.

Kutcher played the title character of Steve Jobs in the movie Jobs, which may have had something to do with his new job.  I wonder if he’ll be pulling his famous pranks from Punk’d at Lenovo.
“Lenovo is all about innovation and strong leadership,” said Kutcher, co-founder of A-Grade Investments, which has invested in or worked with Airbnb, Foursquare, Spotify, Path, Uber and others.

Kutcher is also the face of Lenovo’s latest product, the Yoga Tablet.  A sleek new Android tablet , that comes in 8 and 10-inch with 18 hours of battery life.

 The Yoga Tablet has a cylindrical grip on the side that houses the battery with a convenient grip.  The cylinder also has an integrated stand that folds out to support the tablet in two modes.

Ashton Kutcher isn’t the first celebrity to be hired by a tech company.  Alicia Keys is the creative director for BlackBerry, Lady Gaga became the creative director for Polaroid, and emerged as Intel’s new director of creative innovation.

Although, Lenovo may be getting relevant expertise from Kutcher from his engineering background.  Kutcher will be helping with marketing, design specifications and software guidance for the brand’s upcoming projects.  Smart move on Lenovo’s part, if not anything, they now have a very famous face to their brand.

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