Monday, February 10, 2014

The Industry’s Fastest Next-Generation Firewall


PA-7050 is the Fastest Next-Generation Firewall that Delivers Exceptional Performance

With the next-generation firewall, IPS, AV and WildFire active on all traffic, the PA-7050 brings performance at speeds with higher than alternative offerings.

This performance has superior consistency and gives organizations high network performance with next-generation firewall security.


Data traveling across enterprise networks are growing at a rapid rate, and enterprises need to ensure that data moves as fast as possible to maintain business productivity. The object is to apply security throughout the network to protect against sophisticated cyber attacks. The attacks hide in plain sight, while using routine applications to penetrate exterior defenses.


When inside the network, the attack acts like regular traffic while stealing targeted data via applications like FTP, webmail or cloaked within SSL. Most firewalls use a simple signature-based protection mechanisms masked as next-generation firewalls.

Signature-based protection mechanisms masked as next-generation firewalls cannot safely enable applications. They will block them, but cannot deliver sufficient performance with the security threats enabled. Palo Alto Networks addresses the challenge head-on with the PA-7050, a dynamic, easy-to-extend and manage next-generation firewall that is designed from the ground up to deliver performance consistency with next-generation security controls enabled.

This inception, set gold standards for high performance next-generation firewall that is structured from the ground up. This protects digital assets by identifying and enabling all applications, including those encrypted with SSL while blocking unknown threats. The PA-7050 is suited for:

  • Data centers with threat prevention at 100Gbps or more
  • Internet gateway where visibility and control over all application and protection from all critical threats
  • Internal network segments, where isolation of critical data and business functions are required

Palo Alto Networks is leading a new era of cybersecurity by protecting thousands of enterprise, government, and service provider networks from cyber threats.

The security platform enables business operations and delivers protection based on what matters most in today's computing environments of applications, users and content.

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 Palo Alto Networks Launches the Industry’s Fastest Next-Generation Firewall

PA-7050: The Industry’s Fastest Next-Generation Firewall - Palo Alto Research Center Blog

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