Monday, February 24, 2014

[Facebook Alert] Security Violations from Fake Facebook Messages

Facebook users need to be on ‘high alert’ because there are bogus Facebook messages from Facebook Security being displayed.

These messages are not coming from the real Facebook Security, they are phishing messages in the attempt to gain access to Facebook users accounts.

The Facebook messages look like this:


Another phishing message going around uses an authentic link to Facebook Security to make it appear more legit.

A red flag is the verification link to a third party Facebook application.

The scam sends users to an application similar to the one below:


The ploy is to direct users to an external website.  These sites are designed to look like Facebook, and most of the web addresses are easily recognized as not being Facebook.

Take a moment and verify that you are actually on before entering any login information or personal data.

Once a user enters in their Facebook information, the scammer has complete control over the account.

They can access personal information to steal their identity, send bogus messages to people in the friends list, send emails asking for money because they are in trouble, and send links to other scams to all the victim’s Friends.

If you feel like you have received a phishing message on your Facebook account, be sure to let your friends know this has happened.  They may be the next ones to become a victim.  Also, check your friends list and see if you have “Fącebooƙ Șeȼurity” listed as a friend.  If you do, you know you have been hacked!

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