Monday, February 3, 2014

How Cloud Computing Can Reduce your HR Burden in 2014

Cloud Computing

A cloud-based system can tremendously improve your HR work efficiency.  From paperwork organization, to requests and approvals, the cloud will keep your information current and up-to-date.

Already in the cloud?

Some businesses may not be in ‘The Cloud’ yet, but over 75% of businesses are either already in the cloud or looking to move into it.  Some businesses don’t know what ‘The Cloud is, but are already using it.

If you are a Facebook, Twitter, or an online shopper, you are actually more familiar to the cloud than you already know. They are all using cloud computing.  HR is moving to the cloud for instant access and its easy to use service.

So you’re probably wondering how The Cloud can reduce your HR burden in 2014?

Benefits of the cloud

The key benefits of using a cloud HR solution for a small business is that there is no need for pricy installments.  There are monthly subscription payments that are more affordable for small and thriving companies.


Moving your HR processes to the cloud gives your organization greater agility, utilizing the latest technology without any major changes to your infrastructure.  Using SaaS will reduce your cost and allows you to pay for what you need.

Using cloud HR can simplify workflows, reduce extra costs and enhance the way information is reported.  This enables HR staff to spend their time much more proactively with the support needed.

This is how the cloud will help you become more efficient at work:
  • No more wall-planners, paper forms and complicated Excel spreadsheets: Seamless electronic data capture eliminates paperwork and re-keying.
  • Self-service eliminates the paperwork involved with basic HR processes, allowing employees to request absence, update key personal information and request training.
  • Full view of HR data: From salary, accident, and injury, all records stored electronically in the cloud can be accessed easily and searched within seconds.
Please visit our Services page to see how we can help you migrate to The Cloud!

Are you already in the cloud?  Please share with us your experience, we would like to know what you think!

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