Friday, January 17, 2014

IFTTT productivity, the work strategy

The use of technology is supposed to make our lives simpler, but it may be doing just the opposite.  We are filled with endless digital technologies that should make our lives more simple, more organized and more productive.  IFTTT productivity is the work strategy that may just set you free from the ciaos.

IFTTT stands for If This, Then That.

A free service that lets you customize its features to help with your daily productivity.

IFTTT Productivity Planning

IFTTT works by connecting cloud-based services, from Dropbox and Google Drive, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and iOS Reminders.

All your accounts can be linked through the cloud from your IFTTT account.  You will be able to watch for events that can trigger these accounts.


IFTTT is easily customizable.  Here are some examples of recipes.


Add a calendar even by voicemail with the phone call and Google Calendar

 This is a call recipe that takes your voicemail messages and drops them into Google Calendar.


Send Gmail attachments to Dropbox

Even if you aren’t a Dropbox user, you can alter this to use Google Drive instead.


Create to-do reminders via email

You can organize your day with the iOS Reminders app by sending an email tagged #todo to the IFTTT’s trigger address.


Track your time automatically

You can add an entry into a Google spreadsheet when ever you like.  Just search your office’s location in the menu and configure the names of the folder.

ifttt3-100225640-largeAuto-share Facebook posts

This recipe will watch for new posts on your Facebook page and automatically share them on your personal wall.


Track mileage via text message

You don’t have to worry about tracking anymore mileage.  This will send you a text message tagged #miles with the number of miles to add.  The entry appears on separate lines of a Google spreadsheet, so they can be added up easily at the end of the month.
There are many different recipe types you can use for IFTTT productivity:
  • Alert colleagues when your plane lands
  • Create shared meeting notes via email
  • Automatically search job candidates
  • Automatically search job opening
Using IFTTT to simplify your workday is crucial to organizing your life and freeing up time for yourself.
10 IFTTT recipes to make you more productive at work – PC World

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