Monday, January 20, 2014

Facebook Scam: Samsung TV Giveaway


A new Facebook scam is out, this Facebook scam claims to be giving away a 40inch Samsung TV just by sharing and liking a promotional image.

The page is not real, and has no connection with Big W, the alleged company giving away the TV.
There are no prizes nor winners for this “prize”.

The bogus claim, is like a farming scam, designed to get likes and shares under false pretenses.
The genuine Big W Facebook Page has published a warning about the scam.



Facebook Scam Analysis

According to the Facebook Page, visitors can win one of fifteen 40inch Samsung Smart TV’s.  All the user has to do is like and share the Facebook promotional page.

The Page claims to give-a-way the prize “tomorrow night”.

Big W published the following warning about the scam on July 17, 2013 via its genuine Facebook Page:
HOAX BIG W FACEBOOK ACCOUNT: We have had reports of an account posing as BIG W which is claiming to give away free TVs. This is a scam, so make sure you don’t give any of your personal information should they get in touch with you.
Web safety is very important, so make sure you check that an account is authentic by clicking on the account name and checking out their page. The account in question was started two hours ago, which makes it an obvious impostor. Please let us know if you see any pages posing as us. Thanks guys!

These scams are like the Harvey Norman and Kmart Australia Facebook Pages.

The Facebook scams are created by altering the name of their targeted entity.  The Big W page’s logo has been stolen to target the company’s Page and to make them seem more of a legitimate offer.

These “Like-Farmers” avail to get the most likes to their pages in the shortest period of time.  By tricking people into sharing their material and making comments, the like-farmers promote their scam.


The higher number of likes can later be sole on the black market, and the re-branded object can be better suited for future scams.

Surveys and other personal information from participants are collected throughout this process as this functions as a platform for other types of fraudulent activity.

Like-Farming is now very common to Facebook pages.  Many like-farming Pages offer expensive prizes and pop up on the network everyday.

Companies get a lot of exposure if they offer something for “free” through Facebook likes and sharing of pages.

Be wary of any Facebook message that claims you can win an expensive prize just by liking or sharing a picture.

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