Friday, December 27, 2013

[Scam Alert] ‘Free Walmart Gift Cards’


Warning!  This Facebook scam promises free gift cards in exchange for a couple minutes of your time to complete a short survey.
This scam is spread by deceitful Facebook applications.  The accounts infected should manually delete any posts and remove the damaging application.

The applications are designed to obtain account information from the user, this spreads spam and infects the account along with friends of the account.

Some examples are:
  • Profile Viewer Apps
  • Apps that redirect to phishing links and forms
  • Apps that lead to malicious downloads
  • Apps that lead to survey scams

Here are the best way to guard your account from third-party Facebook applications entirely.
  1. Don’t go crazy on installing applications.  Stick with known developers and software companies.  Be sure to read about the application before committing to it.
  2. Double check your permissions granted on Facebook.  You can access permissions through privacy settings or account settings.  Click the padlock or gears icon, and navigate to the page.


Here you can click the Edit link to review permissions of any apps you have installed or click the ‘x’ to remove them.


Here you can see the Facebook data application that you have access to. There is a ‘Remove app’ link on the screen, you can click the link to easily remove it from your account.

Be suspicious if you see applications that request the following:
  • Complete access to your Facebook account – An app requesting too many permissions is a big warning sign.
  • Access to Facebook Chat – You don’t want the app spamming malicious links via chat messages to your friends.
  • The right to manage your Pages or Events – it is a common tactic for scammers is to create bogus pages and events to spread their messages viral across Facebook.

To stay up-to-date on scams you can visit these sites:

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