Monday, December 16, 2013

Microsoft wages on Windows XP disaster


Microsoft is forecasting a huge increase in cybercrime and exploits from the unsupported Windows XP software next year.  Support for Windows XP will be ending on April 8, 2014, so the software will be vulnerable to attacks and cybercrime.

Windows XP was released in September 2001, the 12-year old operating system is outdated and expiring.
Microsoft won’t issue patches or other security fixes for its operating system.  So, if an attacker develops an exploit code, they can take advantage of the vulnerable Windows XP software.

Windows XP will essentially have a ‘zero-day’ vulnerability forever!

Within the last year, Windows XP was targeted 45 times.


Hackers are sure to “bank” on the zero-day XP attacks, a migration strategy should be taking place, now.
With less than four months from now, the anticipated rate of infection for Windows XP is 66%.  There are 34% of all Windows on PCs still using Windows XP.  And with a two-month stall in decline, it is apparent the OS will be running on a quarter of PCs come April.

Now is the time to upgrade.  Either install Windows 7 or 8 on your PC or maybe it’s time to get a new PC all together.  Check out our store for great deals on computers and other hardware or take a look at our monthly specials.


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