Wednesday, December 11, 2013

By 2015 One in Four Cloud Providers will be gone


Gartner research firm is predicting a considerable unification in cloud services and estimates around 25% of the top 100 IT service providers in the groundwork will not be around by 2015.

“One in four vendors will be gone for whatever reason — acquisition, bankruptcy,” said William Maurer, a Gartner analyst.

We are in the era of buyer beware with cloud, there’s no safety net.

Large vendors are a safer option because of the costs cuts.

It is said, there is a 50% perceived risk of using cloud-based solutions. 33% saw “somewhat” of a risk, and 12% express the sense of a small risk.

Gartner also predicts that a segment of organizations using cloud services will reach to 80% by the end of the year.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing services used to be viewed as an alternative for large enterprises. The rapid rate of technology and evolution over the past 12 months show it is inevitable around cloud migration.
Solutions for security, privacy, and data sovereignty are a concern.


Cloud has some parallels with the migration of offshoring. Risks and challenges around offshoring build angst and political heat.  The idea of companies data streaming to other countries shows concern for security.

Offshoring  to other countries is an alternative method used for resources very popular with technical and administrative service support.

Due to many concerns, the lack of onshore skills, costs, and the need to rebuild controls,  a new “normal” has come with a considerable bulk of IT and business processes migrated offshore.

Offshoring may be the help Cloud services need to stay afloat.

If your not aware of what Cloud Computing is here is an Infographic to help you out.

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