Monday, August 26, 2013

Threat o Mobile Security

The threat on mobile security rises as the world today is more often surfing the net on their smart phones and tablets.  Issues regarding mobile security threats are starting to change the trends of the digital landscape.
Cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated to specifically target smartphones and tablets.  These mobile attacks are just as susceptible to Trojans, worms and rootkits.  Through malware, criminals are making more refined attacks with no regard for the privacy of the users.
More malicious apps are over %30 from last quarter, creating a higher risk mobile security environment.  With 718,000 separate instances accounted for high-risk, the number is up from 509,000 three months ago.  Android applications are among the most of these attacks.
There is a Webroot Mobile Security app for Android that can quickly scan your phone without draining all the juice.
Android malware has the greatest sophistication by far, being nicknamed “obad malware”.  The Kaspersky Lab discovered the “master key” vulnerabilities and came up with this nickname.
The United Arab Emirates, has the highest downloaded volume of these malicious apps.  This is followed by Myanmar, Vietnam, and Mexico, in that order.

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