Thursday, August 1, 2013

Google Analytics Real-Time API Launch

Google launched the beta of their real-time Google Analytics API today.  This new API will allows computer programers and developers to view the analytics of their sites performance in real-time.  This feature is already available for Google Analytics, but the real-time data is not completely accurate.  Now when you access the Google Analytics Real-Time API, you will remain invite-only and outside of Google’s SLA for a period of time.
This new API allows you to make queries of your real-time data and use the information to your advantage.  For instance, if you want to track a specific page or link you can put a counter on that item.  You can also build an app that will show the number of visitors on your site on a Pebble watch.
The Google Analytics Real-Time API gives clarity on where traffic is coming from to it’s exact source.  If you see your site is being searched by, you can add a “Pin It” button to your page.  The Google Analytics Real-Time data has been running for two years now.  There has always been a lag, this new improved API will make real-time seem more like real-time.

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August 1, 2013
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August 1, 2013
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