Thursday, August 29, 2013

Social Media Hoax: Footbal Star Joe Montana is NOT Dead

Joe Montana pronounced dead?  According to the Global Associated News on Monday, August 26, Joe Montana was in a car accident in his 2012 BMW.

The announcement of his death is circulating via social media claiming the retired pro football star has died in a single car accident.
The story goes on to say, Joe Montana was taken to a California hospital in serious condition and due to his critical injuries, he passed away.  California Highway Safety Authority (HSA) said the roads were slippery and wet when Montana got into the accident, causing his fatal crash.
Joe Montana, the retired pro American football player and a hall of fame quarterback, known as “The Comeback Kid“.   He played for the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs.  Now, he has come back from the dead.


Joe Montana is alive and well.  He was not involved in a car accident whatsoever, this story is a hoax!  This is just one of the many celebrity death hoaxes going around.
These false death rumors come from “entertainment” websites that allow users to create fake news stories about supposed death of celebrities.  The website allows users to pick from an option of generic story templates.  Users have the ability to pick their celebrity of choice then create a story in an attempt to trick their friends into sharing the fabrication.

Do Your Research

Before sharing an extreme story such as a celebrity’s death, look to a reliable news source.  Users should always be wary of clicking on any links in these made up celebrity death messages.
Many hoaxes float throughout social media sites containing links that lead to malware or misleading sites. Some links even point to rogue apps and malicious browser extensions.
Don’t let these rumors fool you.  Be wary of falling into the hands of crooks and liars. There are a lot more important news we should be tuning into. If you’ve seen a celebrity hoax story come across your Facebook or Twitter account please share with us below.
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August 29, 2013
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