Monday, July 29, 2013

HzO WaterBlock is waterproofing everything!

[caption id="attachment_11475" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Photo Credit:[HzO][/caption]All the panic attacks from damaging your phone because a couple droplets of water touched your smartphone will no longer exist.  This new WaterBlock technology called HzO is waterproofing everything.  This technological advancement is a game changer.

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This simple spray makes your cellphone, tablets, shoes, clothes, and just about everything you can think of water resistant.  HzO is a nano-coating that protects even the smallest electronics on the inside.  The WaterBlock technology defends against any moisture at the molecular level.  The product attaches to the circuits in devices and repels liquids away.  The HzO doesn't add any weight nor does it affect the performance of your device.

Not for consumers

The HzO is not for consumers, HzO is something device makers are going to start to incorporate into the manufacturing processes. HzO is soon appearing in gadgets from NavELite, putting it in the luxaury TAG Heuer smartphone. This special liquid blocking technology began for emergency response communications equipment that could function in maritime environments. This waterproof equipment would save thousands of lives, since electronic devices would never fail from water damage. In 2009, ZAGG had a vision of protecting electronics and other commercialized technology with the HzO solution.

Gorilla Glass

[caption id="attachment_11476" align="alignright" width="270"] Photo Credit: [cnet News][/caption]Gorilla Glass is another alternative to check out for protecting your smartphones. Although this isn't a waterproof protect ant, the Gorilla Glass is 8 to 10 times more resistant than normal smartphone screens. According to Corning, consumer complaint rates are more than twice as high for scratches on touch-screen notebooks than for scratches used for other mobile devices.   Dell is the first one in line to sign up for installing the Gorilla Glass this fall.

So relief is on the way...spending hundreds for your smartphone will be safer than ever. Clumsy mistakes, won't be so crucial to the life of your gadgets anymore.

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