Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Google, Microsoft, Yahoo Fight off Piracy

How many times do you get click happy when surfing the net and realize you’ve probably clicked on one too many eye catching ads? Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo are well know surf engine hubs we use everyday. Do you think these engines have made their mark by practicing ethical and straightforward methods? Maybe they veered off course a little, but times are a changing! I guess they can’t babysit every user with product…

The leading advertising companies have come up with a new plan to fight off sites that trade in pirated materials and counterfeit products.  AOL, Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo have decided to start “best practices for ad networks to address piracy and counterfeiting.”   The plan is created in cooperation with the Obama Administration, and allows the copyright stakeholders to cease supply ads that engage in copyright piracy or selling bogus goods.

Google Piracy

Usually websites rely on advertising to generate revenue.  What the companies are not happy about is where these ads are showing up.   This could lead to a poor image reflection upon the company.   Company’s have to be very careful in this situation,  negative marketing can easily ruin a businesses brand.

Best PracticesThe best practices have no specifications if copywriters are subject to any kind of false claims. Advertising networks usually don’t get into business with their advertising clients, so this is understandable. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), makes it easy to casually censor the Internet. Copyright holders file complaints with the advertising networks, when they believe their work is being exploited.

Piracy SourcesOnline advertising industries and pirated film, music and video content is evidence of the economic correlation between the ad agencies and phony content. Google and Yahoo are ranked at the top of the list for having the most online ads on pirated sites. These pirated ads rack up millions of dollars for these mega companies.

It makes you think twice about carelessly searching, doesn’t it?

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Published July 15, 2013

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Published Jan. 3, 2013

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