Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Phishers Impersonate Mark “Zurckerberg” to Hijack Facebook Accounts

Facebook EmailFacebook users should be wary of phishing emails signed by a “Mark Zurckerberg” stating that their Facebook account may be permanently suspended due to TOS violations unless they verify their account.

The email is a sham, and recipients that click the embedded verification link will be taken to a spoofed Facebook login page designed to steal their login information.

Users may not suspect that something is amiss until they’re redirected to the ‘Help’ section of the real Facebook site after supplying their login credentials, but the damage will already have been done at that point.

The miscreants behind this scam will already have the victim’s login information, which can be used to take over the victim’s Facebook account and pose as the victim and/or launch additional scam/spam campaigns.

Here’s an example of an email associated with this scam:
Mark Zurckerberg

Dear Facebook user, After reviewing your page activity, it was determined that you were in violation of our Terms of service.Your account might be permanently suspended.

If you think this is a mistake,please verify your account on the link below.This would indicate that your Page does not have a violation on our Terms of Service.

We will immediately review your account activity,and we will notify you again via email.
Verify your account at the link below:

Link Removed

Protect Your Facebook Account

Users can minimize their chances of falling for this Facebook phishing scam – or any others by following these few bits of advice:

  • Access your account safely by manually typing in the URL in your address bar or using your bookmarks instead of following hyperlinks.

  • Always double-check the URL in your address bar before entering any confidential information, including login credentials.

  • Beef up your Facebook account security by enabling login notifications and login approvals.

Did You Fall for This Scam?

If you have already fallen for this scam:

[via Hoax-Slayer]

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