Monday, March 4, 2013

Evernote Hacked, Resets 50 Million Account Passwords

EvernoteEvernote users were instructed to create a new password following the discovery of a security breach on Saturday.

Evernote says that they were able to detect and block what appears to have been a “coordinated attempt to access secure areas of the Evernote Service.”

There is no indication that content stored in Evernote, or payment information for Premium or Business accounts were accessed; however, the company says that the hackers were able to access the usernames, encrypted passwords & email addresses of Evernote users, prompting the reset of all account passwords as a security measure.

Users can create a new password by signing into their account on Passwords will need to be updated in Evernote apps after it has been changed on

Evernote has offered the following advice to users to help keep their accounts safe:

  • Avoid using simple passwords based on dictionary words

  • Never use the same password on multiple sites or services

  • Never click on ‘reset password’ requests in emails — instead go directly to the service

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