Thursday, March 14, 2013

AVG Mistakenly Flags Windows System File as Trojan

AVGAVG antivirus software caused a bit of ruckus for Windows XP users on Thursday morning after incorrectly flagging the Windows system file, wintrust.dll as a Trojan,“Generic32.FJU.”

Users that followed the software’s instructions to remove the file and reboot the system would have their machines caught in a never-ending restart cycle.

At that point, users would have to use a Rescue CD to help boot the affected system and copy the wintrust.dll file (from another PC) back to the Windows System 32 folder in order to return things back to normal.

Thankfully AVG released a virus update to correct the problem shortly before 1pm, pushing out virus database 567 for AVG version 9.0 and 2012, and virus database #6174 for AVG 2013.

It is unclear how many users were affected by the false positive.

[via H Security]

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