Friday, January 25, 2013

McAfee Labs: Majority of Botnet C&C Servers Located in U.S.

BotnetIf someone were to ask you where you think majority of the active botnet command & control servers (C&C) were located, what would you say?

Russia? China, perhaps?

Although these two countries are first to come to mind when most think of cybermischief, and  70% of exploit kits reportedly come from Russia, neither places are where majority of botnet C&Cs are stationed.

McAfee Labs has a history of monitoring botnet activities and on Wednesday provided a list of the top 10 countries hosting active command & control servers.

Surprisingly, the U.S. comes in at number one, followed by the British Virgin Islands and Netherlands. Russia comes in 4th place, while China barely makes the cut at #9.

  1. United States (631)

  2. British Virgin Islands (237)

  3. Netherlands (154)

  4. Russia (125)

  5. Germany (95)

  6. Korea (81)

  7. Switzerland (77)

  8. Australia (63)

  9. China (48)

  10. Canada (38)

McAfee Labs Botnet Heatmap
Screenshot Credit: McAfee Labs

What do you think?

[via McAfee Labs]

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