Friday, January 4, 2013

Don't Accept Bikini Screensavers Offered via Spam

Bikini Photo

Sophos is warning users not to fall for the latest trap spammers are planting inside email inboxes: unsolicited messages claiming to have bikini photos inside an attached zip file.

Here’s one of the emails picked up by SophosLabs:
Subject: Merry Christmas
Hello my dear!!!

How are you? As I promised, here’s my bikini photos. I hope you will be love it!
This is my humble gift for Christmas! See you later :)
Your love Ciara

If the poor grammar wasn't an indicator of a potential scam, then the attached file, should raise some red flags as it contains a Windows screensaver file named “Bikini.scr” instead of a bunch of regular image files.

That's likely because .SCR files are executable (capable of installing code) and can unleash mayhem on your poor machine. So don't open them unless they're coming from a trusted source.

Sophos detects this threat as Troj/Agent-ZMO, but you should be able to avoid it as long as you don't open files attached to spam.

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