Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Spammers Use Western Union Brand to Spread Malware

Western UnionDo you see that Western Union Agent Portal email sitting in your inbox, asking you to download a zip archive that supposedly contains a list of changes & a contract for you to sign?

Yes, I’m talking about the one with the subject line “Western Union Agent urgent action needed.”

Well, that email didn't really come from Western Union.

No, it was sent from a spammer that wants to infect your computer with Mal/BredoZp-B, which is hiding inside the attached file,

Here’s the full email that I’m talking about:

Western Union Spam

Subject: Western Union Agent urgent action needed
From: Western Union Agent Portal (

Western Union® AgentPortal

Dear WU agent,

Western Union Agent Coordination Department notifies all its agents about urgent changes in the reward system and working conditions.

In order to continue working as an agent you must read the list of changes through and sign the contract provided in the attachments to the email.

We are sorry to cause inconvenience. Please do not be slow in making the decision and make the necessary actions as soon as you can.

Faithfully yours,

Western Union Agent Coordination Department

Western Union © 2012

What to Do with Western Union Spam

Should you receive a copy of the above email - or perhaps another suspicious looking email claiming to be from Western Union – then it is recommended that you:

  • Do NOT download or open the attached file.

  • Do NOT click on any suspicious links within the email.

  • Forward the email to

  • Delete the emails immediately.

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