Thursday, November 15, 2012

Apple Pulls Two Scam Apps from its App Store

Apple Store IconSomehow, someway two scam apps made their way into Apple’s App Store on November 8th and remained available for 5 days before being pulled by the fruit-themed company.

Both apps were offered by the same developer, JB Solutions.

One of the apps pulled, IntelliScreenX for iPad and iPhone, claimed to add a pull-down list of notifications from the device’s lock screen.

Typically users would have to jailbreak their iOS device to have this feature, so it’s understandable why some jumped at the opportunity to use the IntelliScreenX for iPad and iPhone instead.

Unfortunately for IntelliScreenX buyers, the $1.99 app proved to be nothing more than an alarm clock once it was downloaded.

The other bait-and-switch app, NFC for iPhone 5, promised to magically enable Near-Field Communications support for $0.99 even though the iPhone is built sans NFC chip. So, it’s not too much of a surprise that it transforms into an app named RadioStreamer and plays music from online stations once it’s installed.

Apple is well-known for its rigorous app-screening process, so it's not clear on how these two apps managed to get the stamp of approval. Either way, it proves that it is always worthwhile to do a little research and always check app reviews before installing them, regardless of what platform you use.

[via The Register]

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