Monday, November 26, 2012

Malware Waits for Users Looking for Nude Photos of Beyonce

BeyonceWARNING: This threat is still active.

Her name may not have made it on the list of the Most Dangerous Celebrities to Search Online, but looking for Beyonce photos that are NSFW can still lead you to a malware infection.

GFI Labs warns that cybercriminals have setup a trap for anyone that dares to type in “beyonce nude” in Google’s search engine and click the following link:

Flickr Beyonce Nude

The link will take you to a Flickr page containing an image of an embedded video player (clever). Said image will redirect you to a third-party website that will prompt you to download an exe file before viewing the [nonexistent] video.

Nude Beyonce Video Scam PageScreenshot Credit: GFI

Don’t bother downloading whatever “video player” or browser plugin they’re pushing. There’s no video, and you definitely won’t be seeing Beyonce in her birthday suit.

You've been warned!

[via GFI]

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