Thursday, April 5, 2012

When Good Websites Go BAD! [INFOGRAPHIC]

Malware BugWe all know how an innocent web surfing session can easily result in a malware infection.

But how often does that happen? And how often does it happen with popular sites that have been online for years? Those have to be safer, right?

Not necessarily...

Security researchers over at BarracudaLabs recently ran a month-long experiment to determine just how safe the top-visited websites are.  Using an automated tool that "forces a web browser inside a Windows virtual machine to visit a URL to see what happens to the browser, its plugins, and the operating system," they examined the 25,000 most popular domains listed on Alexa everyday for the entire month of February.

What did they find? Well, I’ll just let this infographic paint the picture for you:

When Good Sites Go Bad [INFOGRAPHIC]

What steps are you taking to protect your PC from malware threats?

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