Friday, April 6, 2012

Bogus AT&T Billing Emails Point to Malicious Sites Serving Malware

AT&T LogoIs that a real AT&T wireless bill for over $900 or is that a trick?

Unless you’ve been chatting up a storm, texting everyone you can non-stop or downloading every app that even APPEARS interesting to you, it’s likely just a ploy to get you to click on a link that will take you to a malicious site that will attempt to install malware on your PC.

Yes, it’s the very same wool that cybercrooks recently tried to pull over Verizon Wireless customers heads'.

At first glance the spam messages, titled "Your wireless bill is ready to view" appear genuine, alerting you that your latest wireless bill is available to view online. That's how they get you though, for not a single link within the bogus AT&T billing email points to the AT&T website:

 AT&T Bill Spam Screenshot Credit: PC Mag SecurityWatch

Instead, they will direct you to a compromised website that will attempt to exploit vulnerabilities within Adobe Reader, Adobe Acrobat or Windows Help Center in order to plant malware on your computer.

If you receive an AT&T billing notice with an outrageous balance, be sure that you mouseover any embedded links to make sure they point to the actual AT&T domain ( and not some third-party site.

No domain = no clicking. You've been warned!

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