Friday, April 13, 2012

New Mac Trojan Exploiting Same [Patched] Java Vulnerability as Flashback

Apple WarningThis is a perfect example as to why it’s important that you keep your system patched and up-to-date regardless of what operating system you use.

Symantec has warned that a new Trojan horse, OSX.Sabpab is hoping to follow the digital footsteps of the Flashback malware by exploiting one of the (patched) Java vulnerabilities (CVE-2012-0507) Flashback used to infect over 600,000 Mac computers.

According to Symantec’s security bulletin, once Sabpab Trojan makes its way onto your system, it will create system files to ensure it loads on system start-up and open a backdoor to grant an attacker remote control over the machine to create new processes, download arbitrary files, take desktop screenshots and upload files to a remote server.

To avoid being hit by this latest threat, Mac users should make sure they’ve installed all of the necessary Apple updates to close the targeted Java security hole.

Considering Java vulnerabilities are often exploited to plant malware on vulnerable machines, users should consider toggling Java browser plug-ins as necessary to protect against drive-by-download attacks or disabling/uninstalling Java completely if it’s not needed to eliminate the threat altogether.

Additionally, it may be beneficial for Mac users to install antivirus software to add an extra layer of protection against malware threats. Sophos offers Mac antivirus for free, so why not give it a shot? Other companies like Intego, ESET and Kaspersky also offer Mac antivirus software, so if you prefer a specific vendor, I recommend checking them out.

Stay safe, Mac users!

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