Thursday, March 27, 2014

Hybrid Cloud Solutions

The Hybrid Cloud provides users the benefit of on demand access to IT resources for new application development.


The vCloud Hybrid Service, built on VMware technology that many organizations are familiar with in virtual environments, that deliver a secure, dedicated infrastructure.  This infrastructure-as-a-service hybrid cloud makes moving applications to the cloud easy and adaptable.

Moving to hybrid cloud depends on the workload of your small to medium size business.


Packaged Applications

IT departments have difficulty meeting on-demand business changes.  The challenge can be solved by moving packaged applications, like email or collaborative software to the hybrid cloud.  The vCloud Hybrid Service supports applications and operating systems certified to run on vSphere.

This allows users to transfer applications and doesn’t need re-coding or re-configuration.  There is no loss of security or performance with the internal data center.



Web and e-commerce application developers require proper compliance and tools that facilitate dynamic resources.
vCloud Hybrid Service delivers a very cost-effective, secure scalable platform for the deployment of web and e-commerce applications.
Users can move their existing IT policies to meet all security and comply to control requirements.




If something goes wrong like a technical failure, a lack of backup may be critical for your business.  The vCloud Hybrid Service built on vSphere, offers automated replication, monitoring, and many features.

If the service is disrupted, the public cloud offers a safeguard for the business asset.


Enterprise IT/Outsourced Data Center

There is a high demand for data center space.  Organizations that explore outsourcing their data center are burdened with heavy costs.

An option, is to increase capacity to move to a hybrid cloud solution.



Development and test applications are commonly moved to the cloud due to the cost of savings.  The vCloud Hybrid Service delivers a platform that reduces the need for developers to learn new skills and focus on their work only.

Cloud applications offer security, performance, and have all the necessary requirements for software applications.

All of these capabilities are designed to make it easier to run applications with high performance and high resiliency.  

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