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Do you know how to stay protected after Windows XP ends?

Do you know how to stay protected?

To stay protected after Windows XP support ends, you have two options; upgrade your software or purchase new hardware.

Upgrading your software will enhance security, lower cost of ownership through improved competence, and provide you with higher productivity.

Upgrading your hardware will ensure compatibility with Windows 8.1, give you a longer life-span with your system, boost yield for your company, and improve graphics on your operating system.

Upgrade your current PC

Time is beginning to run out!  Microsoft Windows XP support will end on April 8th.

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There are only a few older computers that will be compatible with Windows 8.1, which is the latest version of Windows.

Its recommended that you download and run the Windows Upgrade Assistant to check if your PC meets the system requirements for Windows 8.1 and then follow the steps in the tutorial to upgrade if your PC is able to. For more detailed information, read the FAQ.

You may also call us at 619-325-0990 and we can help you with your system upgrade.

What does it mean when XP ends?  It means there will be no more support for Windows XP, leaving your system vulnerable to security issues.

Take action and upgrade your system today.  Vulnerabilities could exploit your system with malware and your data will no longer be safe.

It is important to migrate to a current operating system, so you can receive regular updates to protect your computer.

Whats the risk?

There are many risks you will face if you are still running Windows XP after April 8th:
  • Security – Without security updates, your PC is vulnerable to viruses, spyware, and other malicious software.
  • Compliance – Businesses have regulatory obligations like HIPAA and will no longer be in compliance with the requirements with unsupported software.
  • No Software Support – Software vendors will no longer support any equipment running on Windows XP.
  • Hardware Manufacturer Support – PC hardware manufacturers will stop supporting existing hardware running Windows XP.

Every Windows product has a lifecycle.  It starts with the release of the software and ends with the software no longer being supported.  Below is a list of dates to keep you informed and help you make decisions on when to upgrade your hardware and software.

Client operating systems Latest update or service pack End of mainstream support End of extended support
Windows XP
April 14, 2009
Windows Vista
April 10, 2012
April 11, 2017
Windows 7 *
January 13, 2015
January 14, 2020
Windows 8
January 9, 2018
January 10, 2023

There are roughly more than a half-a-billion active users worldwide that are still using XP.  The longer your Windows XP machine is unpatched, the more vulnerable it will become to zero-day attacks.

Now that manufacturers are switching to a newer version of Windows, many devices like cameras and printers will no longer be compatible with Windows XP, according to Microsoft.

There are also issues with long-term support.  The new hardware and software will stop working on the old operating system.

With a new upgraded system, your life run smoother, your business will thrive, and your day will become easier. 

Don’t wait until the very last minute to upgrade.  Call us today! 619-325-0990

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