Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Our Mobile Apps are Insecure, Allowing Access to Private Data


Hewlette-Packard found in a study that 97 percent of mobile applications accessed private information on devices.  The private data sources include personal address books, social media pages, and connectivity options like Bluetooth and WiFi.

86 percent of apps didn’t even use simple protections against modern-day attacks.
Almost all mobile applications are a risk to users.

The study of 2,107 applications found that 97 percent of the apps in one way or another accessed private information on the user’s devices. The HP study found 86 percent of mobile apps do not use appropriate binary protections.

Binary protections shield against application memory flow attacks that can inhibit attackers to reverse engineer code in which the code can be exploited.


75 percent of surveyed mobile apps do not correctly allow data-encryption for user data.

Companies are producing apps without paying enough attention to security.  Instead of trying to get the apps as quickly as they can out in the market; they should focus on making sure our devices aren’t  as vulnerable to identity theft because we are using their service.

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