Friday, November 15, 2013

Facebook requires you change your password if it is the same as your Adobe password.

We’ve recently heard of the massive breach at Adobe.  38 million users private data information was leaked, now Facebook is requiring you to change your password if it is the same as the one you used on your Adobe account.

Users who have the same combination of email and passwords for the accounts are being automatically locked out of their Facebook accounts.  There are several questions being asked before access is granted.  Then users will create a new password for safety measures.


Facebook users may be greeted with “Someone May Have Accessed Your Account”.

Although, Facebook has not be directly affected, they want to make sure your account isn’t at risk since hackers often use your email and password to access multiple accounts.

Unfortunately, many people use the same password for all their accounts, which is a major security risk.
For tips on how to create a safe and secure password, go to our recent blog post.

Facebook hasn’t revealed how many of their users were affected  but password information is publicly available on the internet via several password “dumps”.

Adobe has confirmed around 38 million active users may have had an ID or encrypted passwords accessed by unknown attackers in a breach earlier in the year.

Three million users are estimated to have their data accessed, but the attackers appeared to only want the source code for Adobe’s Acrobat software.

Half a million craftier customers chose “123456789”, according to a report by The Register, quoting researcher Jeremi Gosni, a self-styled “password security expert” who found the passwords in a dump online.

Always create a new password for each individual account.  Once some gets a hold of one of your passwords, they can access your whole life if they wanted to.

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Facebook helps out users who used same password on Adobe – by blocking them – We Live Security

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